Wheeler Dealers - Meet Mike Brewer and Edd China at YourDiscovery.com

Meet Mike Brewer and Edd China

Edd China and Mike Brewer in a Triumph Spitfire (DNE)

Discovery’s Wheeler Dealers star and classic car guru Mike Brewer has spent most of his 43 years selling thousands of motor vehicles. No-one knows what to look for better than Mike when it comes to buying used cars.

He’s also got a passion for gadgets – which he indulged in Discovery’s Remote Madness.

His mission is opening up the often secretive world of second-hand car buying and selling to the general public.

He’s known as the most honest voice in car buying, with columns in Esquire and Auto-Express.

Mike’s got heaps of awards – none of which he sells second-hand.

Formula 1, computers and ‘toys for boys’ vie for a place in Brewer's heart, and beside his passion for new and vintage cars he is also a keen flyer of model helicopters, for which he has won, yes, more awards. He is the current holder of the British 24hr endurance record. No-one’s sure what he endured, though.

He lives in North Oxford with his wife Michelle and their daughter Chloe.

And lots and lots of pieces of cars. And awards.



Edd China is the quintessential English eccentric, with a passion for cars – not just the classic cars you see on Wheeler Dealers, either. He is himself the creator of a number of extraordinary and wacky vehicles, several of which are in the Guinness Book of Records. He set up his company, Cummfy Banana Limited, in March 1999.

Highly resourceful and competent in areas such as problem solving and manufacture, his main skills lie in innovation and “connecting things that wouldn’t normally be connected”, always pushing the boundaries of what can and cannot be done.

Edd began pulling things apart soon after birth but it was only following a degree in Engineering Product Design at South Bank University that car re-design became a prominent pastime. Having developed skills to put things together, he started to create crazy, unique vehicles that stop people in their tracks and make them smile or more usually laugh out loud….

Originally built to raise money for a Raleigh International expedition in Belize, the Casual Lofa (driving sofa) was Edd’s first major project of note and it set the Guinness World Record for ‘fastest furniture’ at an amazing 87mph in 1998. A street legal four-poster bed ‘Street Sleeper’ and bathroom bike ‘Bog Standard’ were soon to follow and his company, Cummfy Banana, was born.

Edd has since made a number of additions to the Cummfy Banana fleet of wacky vehicles, including the record breaking ‘Hot Desk’ driving office; the V8-powered ‘Robomow’, actually a scaled-up version of a robotic lawnmower; and the eye-popping ‘Trolleysaurus Rex’, officially the ‘World’s largest motorised shopping trolley’ standing at over 3.5m tall!

The success of these vehicles means Edd has also become a bit of a media personality in his own right, appearing in international, national and regional print and broadcast media. A popular guest on TV and radio programmes in the UK, Europe and around the world, even as far away as Russia, Dubai, Japan and Botswana.

He appeared as the resident designer on the BBC television series ‘Panic Mechanic’ in 2002 and over the years has appeared regularly on a number of TV shows including Blue Peter, Big Breakfast, Top Gear and Scrapheap Challenge. In recent years he has also appeared as a presenter on Wheeler Dealers, Autotrader, The Shed of the Year Awards show and Classic Car Club (all Discovery Real Time). Recently, Edd and the sofa starred in a series of TV ads in Japan for Nissan and, of course, Edd stars in Wheeler Dealers and also the new format of ITV’s Pulling Power, both of which he co-presents with Mike Brewer.

Edd has a keen interest in anything to do with design, mechanics and things that move (especially if they shouldn’t) as well as the restoration of used cars. His most current projects include the design and creation of a production model of the sofa car, as well as redesigning the Trolleysaurus Rex for the road. He dreams of one day creating the world’s first truly desirable electric car and an affordable amphibious road legal vehicle.

He currently lives and works in Maidenhead, England.


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