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My Shocking Story

X-rays of 'Tree Man' Dede's feet (DCL)

Treeman: The Cure

In the last My Shocking Story series, Half Man Half Tree introduced 'Tree Man' Dede, an Indonesian man with horrific tree-like warts covering his body, hands and feet. At 36 years-old 'Tree Man' Dede couldn’t hold or touch anything and was unable to provide for his two children but was at last given hope when American Dermatologist, Dr. Anthony Gaspari, diagnosed his condition.

Almost a year in the making, Treeman The Cure follows every step of 'Tree Man' Dede’s search for a cure, from diagnosis through treatment. The film provides an exclusive firsthand account from Dede, his Indonesian specialists and Dr. Gaspari, who, in this second film, flies back out to Indonesia to support him through his surgery and offer an external drug treatment.

Will the surgeries be a success and enable 'Tree Man' Dede to go back to work and care for his children once again?

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Press Information:
The Sun

Further information:

The University of Maryland School of Medicine Department of Dermatology website:
Dr Gaspari's department at the Universtiy of Maryland School of Medicine, USA. Dr Gaspari is the doctor who visits Dede and identifies his condition and suggests treatment.

The British Association of Dermatology:

UK websites with information on HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), which causes common warts:
CancerHelp UK is the patient information website of Cancer Research UK.


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